Barbara Strafella,


“Thank you for making me feel beautiful again! Due to alopecia
I lost all of my facial hair, I was deeply embarrassed to be seen
in public without my eyebrows and eyelashes. Just getting ready
for work in the morning was a stressful chore. You have performed
a miracle on my face.”
                               ---- Janice L.

“Barbara, you are truly an artist. My eyebrows look wonderful.
I will happily recommend you to all my friends”
                                                                 --- Diane C.

“I thought my lips were gone forever! Thank you, and bless you.”
                                                                      --- Camille T.

“What a great way to wake up everyday…with eyebrows, yeah!”
                                                                       --- Angela P.

“I’ve forgotten how good I look with my eyes defined. I was so
used to looking at myself without eyeliner, mainly because I couldn’t
apply it straight. The only time I wore it was when I had a formal
affair to go to. Now I feel glamorous everyday.”
                                                                   --- Nancy T.

“I thought having an areola again was unimportant, my body was
healing but my spirit was still broken. I am glad my doctor insisted
that I meet you. You completed my reconstruction. Please continue
doing what you do. Five years, and cancer free.”

                                                                     --- Marie S.



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